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VP: Third Person

It is the third Final matchup for the days event, and the announcer
had just returned to call out the next matchup pair
"Okay Ladies and Gentlemen! The last matchup for todays
Final Team Battle is... The Kitty Assassin and The Psychic Demon!

In Junova's Team
"Well Neji you're up this time^^ give it a good one!"
Neji's expression became sullen
" yeah..."
"Good luck Kitty! I know you could do it :D"
*suspiciously worried* "Whats wrong Neji? Something the matter?"
"Its Nothing Dark... Im fine^^"
*still suspiciously worried* "hmm.. Okay then.. best of luck"
"Yeah.. Thanks.."

In Oakanto's Team
"This is it! Its time for our leaders to shine! Whop her to the
ground Ms.President!"
Solidad's expression darkens
"Um.. Ms.Prez?"
"I believe you should leave her alone at this time Orange.."
"Lets just say.. something personal happened between her
and the kitty and they still haven't resolved it yet.."
"Oh... Okay..."

Soon after, the announcer called out the contestants
"Kitty Assassin! Are you ready!?"
"Yeah... im ready..."
"Psychic Demon! Are you ready!?"
"Psychic Demon?"
"Forgive me Mr.Announcer but may I request a switch in?"
*Everybody Surprised* "!!?"
"Wha-Whatever do you mean Psychic Demon?"
"I would like somebody else in my Team to take my place
for today.. im not feeling too well right now.. but I promise
I will battle tomorrow"
*crowd* "Hey.. isn't this just like last year?"
"yeah.. she avoided a battle with the kitty assassin again?"
"The heck happened anyway?"
"I dunno.. some stress nervous issues I suppose..."
"Uncool man.. I was soo looking forward to this kind of matchup!"
The announcer then quickly rushes to the events head organizers
if the request is acceptable. The announcer then returned shortly
after with the ok.
"Alright Psychic Demon you may ask a member who hasn't battled
to take your place"
"Thank you Mr.Announcer"
Neji looked down
"So she doesn't wanna battle again this time too huh?
sigh.. what a 'pity'..."

Solidad then returned to her team and asked for an exchange
"Ms..Ms.President! Why!?"
"Sorry Orange..."
"I..I don't understand.."
Solidad then gazed over to Canyon
"No need for words Ms.President I know already.."
"Thanks Vice President... I apologize for acting like this.."
"No worries^^ I'll gladly take your place anytime^^"
"(#- v - )... what's that supposed to mean?"
":p :)"

Canyon then entered the arena with utmost confidence
"Well Ladies and Gentlemen! It seems that Taking Psychic Demons
place is none other than the Guard Dog of Oakanto!"

Neji then locked eyes with Canyon
"So we meet again Wolf Girl.."
"So it seems Kitty.."
"How have you been doing?"
"Just fine.. training up my Pokemon.. and..
watching videos of cute little Purrloins mauled
by a pack of Houndooms"
"I see.. I've been doing much the same..
watching videos of cute little Lillypups preyed
by a hungry Liepard"
"Im not gonna lose like last time pussy cat!"
"I ain't planning on losing either little doggy!"

The Announcer then begins to start the battle
"Kitty Assasin! Are you ready!?"
"Yes I am!! FFFTTT!!!"
"Guard Dog! Are you ready!?"
"Of course.. GGGRRR!!!"
"Then Let the Battle... BEGIN!!"

Battle Musics:
- Beauty 5 Theme…
- Neji's Personal Theme…
- Canyon's Personal Theme…
- Boss Battle Music…

Neji and Canyon then sent their Pokeballs into the arena
From Neji's side comes out Persian, a medium sized feline Pokemon
From Canyon's side comes out Mightyena, a medium sized wolf Pokemon
"a Mightyena eh? This is gonna be interesting-nyan.."
"You'll see that I have improved greatly over the years kitty!"
"I'll show you that felines remain superior! Persian use Fake Out!"
Persian leaps at Mightyena at blinding speed swiping Mightyena's face
flinching the black wolf temporarily
"Aingh! Aingh!"
"Now Use Screech!"
Persian then let out a loud sharp high pitched cry
Mightyena begins to shake after the loud
screech vibrations and is attempting to shake
off the after effects, losing a great degree of
defense at the same time.
"Now while it wobbling! Use Fury Swipes!"
Persian then pounces on Mightyena and begins delivering
multiple scratches on Mightyena's body
"ArGHK! ArgHK!"
"Now use Slash!"
"GUH! Retaliate with SCARY FACE!"
As Persian was about to slash the bruised Mightyena
The wolf Pokemon viciously bears its sharp fangs, while
giving Persian a menacing glare stopping the feline Pokemon
dead in its tracks
"Nows my turn! Mightyena! Use Sand-Attack!
Mightyena swipes large amounts of dust and sand particles
directly into the fear stricken cats eye, blinding temporarily
"Now smash it with Take Down!"
While struggling to regain its sight back
Mightyena runs to the side of the cats body
and tackles its side hard knocking it to the ground
"Now deal the finishing blow! Use Bite Attack!"
"OH NO! Quick use Power Gem!"
The coin in Persians forehead begins to glow
and fires shiny stones of light with tremendous
speed at the incoming wolf
"Now use Slash Persian!"
After Mightyena was struck by the Power Gem
The black wolf was quickly followed by a tearing
slash from the feline Pokemon. Mightyena fainted
shortly after
"Nyahahaha! apparently your dog of a Pokemon
was no match for sweet o'l Persian <3"
"Grrr.. you'll pay for this.. Go Houndoom!!"
"Is that the Houndoom that mauled the Purrloins?
(o w o) Well whatever! Persian use Fake Out!
Just as with Mightyena, Persian lunges at Houndoom
with incredible speed and swiped its face, flinching
it temporarily
"RaaRrgH! RaaRrgH!"
"Now use Fury Swipe Persian!"
"Not a Chance! Use Fire Fang!"
Despite Persian's high speed attack in Fake Out
Houndoom was far more faster naturally and evaded
the cats claws while delivering a fiery bite to its back
"Now follow it up with Thunder Fang Houndoom!"
While biting the scorched cat, Houndoom electrically
charges its fangs and delivers a second but shocking bite
that electrified the burnt cat into paralysis
"Now Finish it with INFERNO!!"
Houndoom then unleashes a whirling blaze of fire the height
of a 2 story building directly at the paralyzed cat, burning it
in a torrent of fire. Persian faints with smoking black burns
all over its body
"That Kitty.. is Revenge.."
"Now you've done it... you've angered the Kitty Assassin..
Its time you pay the price.."
"Go for it.. im ready.."
"I chose you LIEPARD!!"
"Alright Houndoom! Use Fire-"
"Not so fast! Use Fake Out!"
Again Houndoom was swiped directly in the face
with blistering speed, flinching it yet again
"RaaRrgH! RaaRrgH!"
"Why you filthy feline!"
"Awesome! Now use Aerial Ace
"Liepard then leaps high and performs
an Aerial Slash at Houndoom
"Stand your ground Houndoom!"
"Lepardas Sugei! (Nice Job Liepard!)
Now use Swagger!"
Liepard then makes several bluffs
and impressions on Houndoom enraging
the devil dog into madness
"Houndoom control yourself!"
"While its crazy use Shadow Ball Liepard!"
Liepard launches a fast moving shadowy glob at Houndoom
Even in madness, Houndoom somehow saw the shadow ball
and retaliated with a blast of hot Flamethrower, piercing through
through the shadowy glob and into Liepard's direction
"AHH! Dodge it Liepard!"
"Liepard narrowly avoids the flamethrower with the
unfortunate exception that its tail caught on fire
burning the slim feline Pokemon
"Haha! Now that Liepard is burned its attacks
are greatly lowered!
"Oh! and it seems that Houndoom snapped out of
confusion as well..and its attack power is doubled this is the end kitty"
"(Urgh.. this is bad.. Liepard is fragile.. it relies on its speed
to achieve maximum offense.. one hit from that demon hound
and im toast!)"
"Well Kitty? Ready to give up now?"
"What are you saying doggy? You're talking about the Kitty Assassin here
No way am I gonna give up! Liepard use Thunder Wave!"
Liepard then produces an electric discharge from its fur and
lashes it at Houndoom, paralyzing it
"Nyahahaha! I've been secretly training Liepard that move!
Such is the Kitty Assassin! Now use Hone Claws!"
"CRAP! Use Flamethrower Houndoom!"
Liepard begins to sharpen its claws while being inflicted with burn
Houndoom, paralyzed, is unable to launch its flamethrower attack
"Use Hone Claws again!"
"(This is bad.. Liepard's attack will grow even more powerful if I
don't act fast!) Use Fire Blast Houndoom!"
Liepard sharpens its claws even faster while still receiving burn inflictions
Houndoom is still unable to attack due to paralysis
Liepard then lunges at Houndoom bearing its twice sharpened claws
Houndoom, able to move this time, Leaps at Liepard bearing its
Fiery Hot Fangs. Both Pokemon then collided with one another
Each receiving the blow from the other. Liepard was bit with hard
hot flaming fangs on its back, while Houndoom received a deep
gaping Slash to the lower side of its body. The two Pokemon
then stood up, shaking, for a few seconds before collapsing
and fainting at the same time

The Announcer then called out the result of the battle
The audience was silent for several minutes after hearing the results
and then gave a stellar applause for the battle. Lots were surprised
about the outcome of the battle
"Wow... I didn't expect that all..."
"Yeah... I thought Kitty was gonna win"
"They were both evenly matched.. damn.."
Canyon, rather surprised of the outcome, thanks Neji
"Man.. that was an awesome battle Kitty^^ I told ya I improved
didn't I?"
"Yeah.. you did Canyon! That was impressive! you did a whole
lot better than before! Watching those 'videos' was pretty helpful huh :P"
"Yup^^ Sure did! We should battle again next time :)"
"Yeah.. we should^^"
"Well then.. see ya!"

In Oakanto's Team
"That was some WICKED battling Canyon! even if it was a Draw it
was still totally awesome to watch!"
"Thanks for complement Orange^^ but honestly.. it took everything
I had to battle on her level.."
"Really? How so? :/"
"Was it about you losing to her last time?"
"Thats right Malbrou.. in terms of skill and battle strategy shes way
better than me.. last time we battled I completely lost to that Persian
"So was that your first time facing against her Liepard?"
"I guess you can say that"
"So it seems we still have 1 for each team huh.. the last 3 battles
will be important.."

In Junova's Team
"What happened Neji? Its not like you to get Draws in battle"
"Sorry Amber.. I was a bit to daring back there^^u"
"You mean with the Hone Claws Paralysis thing?"
"Yeah.. and that constant infliction of the Burn side effect.."
"Nevertheless Neji.. you did great and you should be proud
of yourself"
".....hes right"
"Yes! you did absolutely wonderful there!"
"Thanks.. Dark-nyan.. Sakura-nyan and Cutie-nyan :)"
"Please stop calling me that..."
"No problem^^"
"But ya know... even if the results were a Draw.. I honestly feel
like its my loss.. If It was able to move while i was still using
Hone Claws.. I would be defeated that instant.."
"Luck was on your side then^^"
"Guess so Amber... Well then! I can't wait for tomorrows matchup!
I will so not be sleeping tonight!"

The event has ended as the day got darker, it will soon be continued
in the next day. Both Teams returned to their perspective homes
resting from a full day of battles and excitement, waiting patiently
for the 3 final battles in the next day.

Chapter End
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SolidadOfTheStars Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
WHOA! That was EPIC!
But now I'm curious. Why would'nt I battle Ren? I'm interested in this back story!
But MAN-Canyon was AWESOME. XD
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha I know
Don't worry, you and the rest of the characters backstory
will be revealed around Arc 2 (mostly) and Arc 3
And the battle was epic of course (I wrote it XP)
Actually even if in game prefer the canines
I like both cats and dogs
SolidadOfTheStars Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL. Ok. Well, it's going great. :3
AliNere Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I am satisfied with a draw I guess, but I should probably start working on strategy. Nice chapter, I like it. I also love my theme song!
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :D
btw though even if the battle is a draw
its only for storyline purposes
but if it were an actual battle (in game) I can guarantee
that your canine Pokemon would grab the win
AliNere Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yay! I love my canine pokemon!
XPKMNtrainerOrangeX Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Great chapter my man! I really enjoyed the match! (I was expecting Canyon to win!) xD Awesome work as always sorry its taking so long to get chapter 15 out I have been so busy lately. -_-
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A draw? Wow, very unexpected. This battle was also long, but entertaing to read. Like always, you get a pat of the back for this chapter.:D
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O_O A draw?! Unexpected from that great battle -.-'
Yet another good chapter!
DarkraitheDraMaster Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Wow a draw, well now that thats thrown in the mix this tournament could go alot of different ways, btw i was wondering what kind of tournament is this, is it the kind where everyone on both teams only battles once and then they total up the points or is it like the kind where when after you lose your out and its over after one side loses all its battlers, either way its gonna be great
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Its more of a which team has the most wins
earns the victory
if a team has each 3 victories from the other
each teams will select a member for a final 7th battle
to determine the winner
DarkraitheDraMaster Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Nice, then if thats the case then in the next days battles in order to win 2 victories out of the 3 battles will be required
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
well not exactly
everyone has to participate
each member will have to battle
6 on 6 remember?
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wait nvm what I just said
your right sorry^^u
man.. I always misunderstand what people say.. XP
DarkraitheDraMaster Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Its cool sometimes i do the same thing, still this is getting really good and thefinal battle is anyones guess of course i already have a pretty good idea but ill just have to wait and see
Maltaku095 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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